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Liam Mulligan is a composer and visual artist based in Sydney Australia.


Liam's music has been featured in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Recital Hall, St Stephen's Uniting Church and Vivid Sydney. Furthermore, his music has been played by ensembles such as Quart-Ed, Ensemble Terra and the Olinda Quartet. Described as rhythmic, unique, experimental, cross-genred and humourous, there's a wide range of styles and genres for audiences to dig into.

If you would like to see a full list of my works, click here!

Standalone Works

Albums and Series

If Yarns Do Breathe (2017)

Liminal Mind Games (2017)

a three part electronic series about social media trend known as the meme.

an EP focusing on aspects of the human condition in relation to liminality.

Liam Mulligan Liminal Mind Games

couldn't sleep. (2017)

Minimal Math Games (2018)

An LP containing nine electronic improvisations made by self-made software.

Liam Mulligan couldn't sleep

An EP inspired by minimalist and ambient musical genres.

Liam Mulligan Minimal Math Games


S/S (2017)

Give Me Who I'm Meant to Be (2017)

A two-part structured improvisation for two people on one piano in collaboration with Adam Melzer.

An electronic pop song in collaboration with Adam Melzer.

Feign (2017)

The Invisible (2018)

A series of pieces revolving around the theme of insanity. This was made in collaboration with Adam Melzer and Oscar Smith.

A collaboration with composer and  writer Gabrielle Cadenhead focusing on social-political issues Australians tendto ignore.

(Not Clickbait) (2019)

SOODOONYMM's first album! In collaboration with Adam Melzer.

(Not Clickbait) Cover.jpg
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