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Creative Work

TacTable (2022)

For electronics and spinning table top 

Highly experimental in nature, TacTable is an audio-tactile experience that places the audience at a revolving, fabric-laden table. The work investigates how the brain combines and compares auditory and haptic cues, attempting to create a contrapuntal result. Through experiencing electronic art music while fingers traverse on wood, silk, canvas and sandpaper, expect sounds to 'feel' wrong and fabrics to 'sound' off, but gradually phase and shift with each other to create a multi-sensory soundscape.

Watch the performance here!

Screen Shot 2023-04-27 at 2.56_edited.jpg (2022)

For soprano and their live-streamed self

for soprano and their live-streamed self 

Throughout lockdown in 2020 and 2021, I had the pleasure of co-curating two seasons of the HiberNATION Festival of the lo-fi. Being a completely online festival, a variety of performers, composers and artists, most for the first time, performed from their own home to a virtual audience that they could not see or directly connect with. Being involved with sound checking, assisting with technology and moderating the streams, I would always get the same response from the artists reflecting on what it was like to perform to webcams and microphones, being “weird and isolating, but communal at the same time.” This piece is my reflecting on these responses, as well as my own experiences performing in and assisting with new music livestreams.

Hedron (2019)

for singing string quartet and visuals

Commissioned by Konzertprojekt and Quart- Ed, this work investigates the physical sensation of the patterns in rain. Whether it be focusing on a consistent tapping on the body, a series of droplets that create complex polyrhythms, or the wash of white noise that overwhelms one’s ears in torrent, rain has an extremely versatile smorgasbord of rhythmic experiences. This concept is a great way to showcase unity and contrast in musical rhythm, as well as a concept that can be explored in a visual way through synchronicity, disconnect, and everything in-between.

Watch the performance here!


Quirky Room (2021)

installation work for 50 QR codes and ready-made art 

A peculiar take on the exhibition format, Quirky Room is an installation full of beauty, humour, exploration, experience and a LOT of QR codes! Each QR code grants access to a small work that might work with the art work it accompanies, or another artwork in the room, or even sound nice with other QR pieces. Audiences have to keep their eyes peeled for hidden QR pieces scattered around the room, some even inside the installations themselves. 

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