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Other Work

  • HiberNATION Festival - a completely-online festival created during the pandemic.

    • Season 1 - Co-curator alongside Damian Barbeler and Elizabeth Jigalin​. Nominated for an APRA AMCOS Art Music Award. April - July, 2020

    • Season 2 - Lead Curator alongside Damian Barbeler, Siân Lindsay and Dahyo Lloyd. August - October, 2021.

  • Blind Collaborations - a series of online duets that bring artists together to collaborate on a work without knowing the others' identity or craft until after the performance. Part of the HiberNATION Festival, 2021. Curator alonside Siân Lindsay.

  • Light Qualities at Vivid Sydneya mini-festival showcasing 25 of the brightest emerging musicians in Sydney over four concerts as part of Vivid Sydney, 2019. 11 new works commissioned, 6 hours of music by living composers. Co-curator alongside Sophie van Dijk, as well as graphic designer and technical and audio production.

  • Konzertprojekt -  a composer collective that curated and put on concerts. Occasional curator, as well as graphic designer and technical and audio production.  Member from 2017-2020.

 Curator and Concert Organiser 


 Teacher and Academic 

  • University of Sydney - Casual Academic in music and digital media subjects.

    • Sound Design for New Media - Tutor, lecture assistant, and marking in 2022 to present. Held at the Wilkinson Building (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning).

    • Introduction/Advanced Digital Music Techniques - Marking from 2021 to present, and guest lectures in 2022. Held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Seymour Centre.

    • Creative Music Technology - Covering tutorials 2022 and 2023. Held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

    • ITAS - tutor for music technology and theory subjects from 2023 to present.

  • Private Tutor - more than 8 years of experience teaching composition (digital and acoustic), piano, voice and theory to students of all ages and abilities.

  • Guest Speaker 

    • Music Education Camp - discussed methods of teaching difficult rhythmic concepts to students in 2019.

    • University of Sydney - talked to composers about creating their own opportunities with reference to the HiberNATION festival during a pandemic.

  • Backstage Music - an artist-run concert platform that nurtures the grassroots of creative art music in Australia. Brought onto the team in 2022.

    • Online Presence - creates posts for social​ platforms and emails, website maintenance.

    • Video Production - Edits audio and video for Backstage Greenroom and other behind the scenes promotional materials.

    • Concert Production - Installs audio and video equipment for performances, assists with live production.

  • Canberra International Music Festival - an annual classical and art music festival. Assisted with audio and video installation and live production of Damian Barbeler's The Bundian Way in 2022.

  • Rouse Hill Psychedeliaan art music festival curated by Damian Barbeler and Alexis Weaver in 2022, presented by Sydney Living Museums. Assisted with installing works by Dahyo Lloyd and Synth Primitive.

 Production Work 

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