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Liam Mulligan is a composer and visual artist based in Sydney Australia.

List of Works

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Still of Sidereal


Photo of the Konzertprojekt Ensemble playing Studies in Superimposition in 2019. Photo by Rauri Campbell


Photo of 555 Nanometers installation presented in the Rocks as part of Vivid Sydney. Photo by Sarah Qiu


Graphic score of Seurat's Canvas

QuartEd TWAH.jpg

Photo of Quart-Ed playing This was Our House in 2018. Photo by Oscar Smith

Night Shift - 3 part semi-composed work [premiered on the HiberNATION Festival in
Sidereal - audiovisual work

For a Song that I Have - audiovisual work [premiered at Vivid Sydney in 2019]
Hedron - for string quartet and visuals [commissioned by Konzertprojekt for Vivid
Sydney performed by Quart-Ed]
Deja - work for saxophone quartet, clarinet and arpeggiator [premiered at Inner City

Counterpoints by Ensemble Terra and the Olinda Quartet in 2019]

Minimal Math Games - electroacoustic EP
The Invisible - Audiovisual improvisation with Gabrielle Cadenhead [performed at

Konzertprojekt presents: Conductive in 2018 and Konzertprojekt presents: Saturation in 2019]
Tesla Coil - for 3 flutes and 3 speakers [premiered at Konzertprojekt presents: Fluteprojekt in

Human elements - electroacoustic EP [written for installation 555 Nanometers presented at

Vivid Sydney in 2018]

Seurat’s Canvas - surround sound electroacoustic work
Leaderboard^3 - surround sound installation for 5 guitar leads and visuals [presented at Audience
Mandatory as part of 'Interactive Media and Sound Installations' course taught at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2017]

Kiama - for Vocal Quartet [won 1st prize in the Warratah composition competition hosted
by the Youth Music Awards in 2016]
This was Our House - for string quartet [performed by Quart-Ed in Konzertprojekt

Presents: Swell in 2018]
C in a Box - for 7 hands at a piano [performed as part of the HiberNATION Festival in

A Dying Man’s Lullaby - for SSAATTBB choir

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