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Other Work


hiberNATION Festival of the Lo-fi (2020-) - an online festival of art music live streams.

SOODOONYMM (2019-) - an electro-experimental pop duo with Adam Melzer.

Multi-Year Projects

Konzertprojekt (2016-2020) - a composer-performer collective that puts on concerts showcasing emerging composers.


March: Masters at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Began a Masters Research degree focusing on Counterpoin in Multi-Disciplinary Composition.
February: SOODOONYMM - Fridge Magnet Snr - An electo-experimental pop EP in collaboration with Adam Melzer.
March - Quirky Room
March - Began working at the University of Sydney as a Casual Academic
August - HiberNATION S2
          Blind Collaborations


July: ADSR Zine Article - Article 'Unison and Noise in Multi-Disciplinary Art' included in ADSR Zine's July (009) edition.
June: Make Music Day with hiberNATION - Producer, co-curater and performer in the hiberNATION Festival's Make Music Day event alongside Damian Barbeler and Elizabeth Jigalin. Event consisted of:
        Sound Games Picnic - Performer, Producer and Cinematographer with The Music Box Project on Cockatoo Island.
        Care Packages for Ensemble Offspring - Producer and tech assistance for Ensemble Offspirng and composer of Care Package for Lamorna Nightingale.
        Konzertprojekt presents: Sketchy Audio - Producer and Performer with Konzertprojekt.
June: Noise MASSIVE - Producer and co-curator alongside Damian Barbeler and MC for the hiberNATION Festival's Noise MASSIVE event. Included artists such as Justice Yeldham, Bree Van Reyk, Mark Oliviero, Lewis Mosley, Damian Barbeler and Dahyo Lloyd.
June: C in a Box - A revisited work from 2016, rearranged for a 1 hour long live stream for the hiberNATION Festival for 5 hands at a piano connected via video call.
April - July: 'Response' Live stream series - A weekly two hour live stream over 13 weeks as part of the hiberNATION Festival. Consists of audience interaction, tuner/metronome applications and drawing.
        Episodes: Ep.1  Ep.2  Ep.3  Ep.4  Ep.5  Ep.6  Ep.7  Ep.8  Ep.9  Ep.10  ---  Ep.12  Ep.13
'April - June: Night Shift' Live Streams - Three 3am live stream dedicated to the artists move creative in the early hours of the morning. Performed on the last Wednesday of every month during the hiberNATION Festival period.
        Episodes: Ep.1  Ep.2  Ep.3


November: 'Counterpoint Between Different Mediums' - Thesis submitted to the University of Sydney. Result: 1st class Honours.
September: 'Deja' - World Premiere for Ensemble Terra and Olinda Saxophone Quartet.
July: Rhythm workshop - Ran a lecture for music educators about simple ways of teaching advanced rhythmic concepts.
May - June: Vivid Sydney 2019 - Curated 4 concerts for Konzertprojekt titled 'Konzertprojekt presents: Light Qualities'. 11 new works by 10 emerging artists were commissioned and performed by emerging ensembles and soloists. The concerts were:
Saturation - Curator, World premiere of ‘Studies in Superimposition' for Konzertprojekt Ensemble + electronics.
Greyscale - Co-Curator, World premiere of ‘Hedron’ for Quart-Ed String Quartet + Visuals.
Contrast - Curator,  World premiere of audiovisual work ‘For a Song That I Have’, electroacoustic and solo performances.
Brightness - Co-Curator, performed by Ensemble Terra.
March: SOODOONYMM [NOT CLICKBAIT] Album - An electo-experimental pop album in collaboration with Adam Melzer.


August: Konzertprojekt Presents: Conductive’ - Curator and creation of visuals for:
       World Premiere of audiovisual work ‘Ashfall’ with audio by Lachlan Foster.
       World Premiere of audiovisual work ‘I Was Not Aware’ with audio by Adam Melzer.
       World Premiere of audiovisual work ‘Do Not forget Us’ with audio by David Tocknell.
       Performance of multi-disciplinary work ‘The Invisible’ by Gabrielle Cadenhead and myself.

June: ‘Hans Zimmer Found a Loop Pedal’ - Electroacoustic work featured in Making WavesFragile Waves’.
June: ‘Minimal Math Games’ - Release of EP.
May - June: Vivid Sydney 2018 - Wrote music for the '555 Nanometers' installation in the Rocks.
May: ‘Tesla Coil’ - World premiere of work for three flutes + electronics in Konzertprojekt Presents: Fluteprojekt'.
March: ‘This Was Our House’ - Performance by Quart-Ed in ‘Konzertprojekt Presents: Swell’.
February: ‘The Invisible’ - Multi-disciplinary collaboration with Gabrielle Cadenhead with poetry, visuals and improvised music.


October: 'The Leaderboard^3' - World premiere of sound and art installation at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
July: 'Acoustic Squared' - Electroacoustic work ‘Seurat’s Canvas’ featured in Sydney Recital Hall’s ‘Unashamedly Original’.
June: Youth Music Awards’ ‘Waratah’ Composition Competition - Winner with work ‘Kiama’ for vocal quartet.

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