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Minimal Math Games EP


On and off for the last year, I have been writing a series of electronic pieces which take inspiration from minimalist and ambient musical genres. It’s all made using mathematical operations. 

Minimal Math Games started with ‘368+' untitled and as a splinter piece from my first EP, If Yarns Do Breathe. A couple of months later, I read this essay called ‘Cognitive Constrains on Metric Systems’ by Justin London and became aware of the idea of an Interonset Interval. This inspired the idea for ‘4000-', where the main shift in change was the tempo, gradually speeding up from q=20 to q=480 (or ‘too slow to be useful’ to ‘too fast to be useful’).

The next piece I wrote was '19^2', a piece inspired from the gestures in Louis Andreessen’s ‘Workers Union’ which repeats nineteen ideas nineteen times each. The ideas were constructed by beginning with one note, then adding a second note, a third, and so forth until nineteen.

Following the completion of my music for Vivid this year, I wanted to implement aspects of what I’ve learnt into this EP. ‘/7’ was Inspired by complex polyrhythms over seven and focused more on the setting of an environment through rhythm and timbre rather than harmony. Comparatively ‘3x’ (the last track I wrote for the EP) focuses on the harmonic relation between two chords.

Have a listen here or stream it on YouTube here

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